Zane Cutler

Most careers start with some spark of curiosity and for me, it was rocks. I collected them everywhere, filling the entire basement of my parent’s home. Then there was the noisy hobby rock tumbler and at the age of 8 mowing lawns to purchase lapidary equipment. It was obvious that this was more than just a hobby and I decided to attend the Gemological Institute of America graduating in 1988 in the Study of Gems. I then apprenticed with many well know goldsmiths to help discover my own unique style of jewelry design as well as repair.

My philosophy about jewelry is simply that sentimental value should always outweigh monetary value. I believe in working with a client as a partner in bringing life to a treasured piece that complements their lifestyle and unique qualities.

Like any artist, I have style influences. My personal style tends to revolve around my passion for nature and the outdoors. The use of natural curves with a mix of shapes, textures, and colors can be used to create one-of-a-kind everlasting designs. When I am designing a piece, these elements might be considered, however, it is definitely the client that I consider to be the key contributor.

Having worked with thousands of clients across the United States designing custom pieces and the reconditioning of treasured family heirlooms, I would be honored to create something special for you.

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